Relaxing Massages

All relaxing treatments have both a physical and a psychological effect and therefore helps to prevent and ease stress. Inner peace is reestablished and the body's own resistance is activated.

Back massage:

We loosen up the muscles in the shoulder area, neck and lower back. We are off course happy to give special attention to certain areas of your choice.

Full body massage:

This massage includes back, shoulder and neck area, as well as arms and legs.

Aroma-Relax massage:

A massage with essential oils which not only provide a stimulating scent, but also have their own effects. Therefore we will off course individually select the most suitable oils for you. Aroma-Relax is offered as back or full body massage.

Sport massage:

We prepare your muscles, ligaments and tendons before a physical activity or loosen up afterwards to stimulate muscular regeneration and to prevent muscle pain. The Sport Massage is offered as part- or full body massage and is off course adapted to your sport, so that the most vulnerable muscle groups get special attention.

Head or foot massage:

Let us spoil you with a wonderful foot massage after a long walk or a shopping trip.

Massage for future mums:

Tense muscles in the neck, pain in the back or swollen feet. We adapt this massage to your personal needs

Hot Stone massage:

For this massage, which gives a wonderful relaxing feeling, warm lava stones are used. They are heated to approximately 60 degrees C., and used directly as a massage tool or placed on your body. Lava stones are particularly suited for this as they maintain the heat very well.