Therapeutic Treatments

Although all relaxing massages also have a therapeutic effect, we offer you a range of targeted treatments for acute and chronic problems.

Akkinson massage

This technique helps especially against deep tensions in i.e. the neck area which can lead to limitation of movements of the head.


Organs and structures of the whole body are reached through the energy- and nervous system, and by massaging the reflex zones on the feet their activity can be adjusted. Reflexology thus supports the auto-healing processes and leads to physical and emotional well-being. It is often used for insomnia, nervousness, intestinal problems, back pain or headache.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Compilations of tissue fluid in the body, also called lymph, indicates a problem in the body's natural fluid balance through the lymphatic system. There may be many reasons for this: Vulnerabilities in veins, connective tissue disorders, obesity, illness, accident or simply caused by lack of movement. In these cases the manual lymphatic drainage helps because the lymphatic system is stimulated, compiled fluid is routed into the system and the swelling disappears.


Ear candles

This gentle treatment consists of two parts, the cleaning of the internal auditory canal, and a nice ear massage to balance the energy flow. Ear candles are hollow inside, and the burning causes a vacuum and thereby a suction in the interior of the ear which brings out residues. Through the warmth on the ear, there is also a very relaxing effect. The ear candles are used to regulate ear pressure and to remove itching and persistent water residues etc.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy focuses on finding and treating disorders of the postural and locomotor systems. Used are different techniques on muscles, connective tissue and the spine to restore balance of movement in the body, and thereby also to relieve from pain. The number of treatments needed varies depending on the symptoms.